Attending UK Gov Camp 2019

Last weekend I attended UK Gov Camp. It was a long day but so full of interesting things that I will be thinking about it and drawing on the energy from it for months to come. This was my 4th Gov Camp, and probably the one where I felt most comfortable. That’s all because of … Continue reading Attending UK Gov Camp 2019


A new search

In mid-September last year, we added a new search engine to the public website. Our existing search wasn’t very good. In fact, at times, it was downright awful. So this was a priority piece of work to get live to make sure that customers could find content quickly. We ended up adding a Cludo search … Continue reading A new search

Easy read content now available

What is easy read? Easy read is simplified information for adults with learning disabilities. This includes a huge range of different needs and abilities. GOV.UK encourages local authorities to provide easy read information, particularly for key stages and decisions in someone’s life. The information should be distilled to just the key elements. We have 12 … Continue reading Easy read content now available