Is the content original?

Content writers have to be careful when copying information from other places, especially private sector sources.

Not only are there potential issues with copyright ownership and intellectual property, changes to the information at the source may not be reflected in our web pages. Care also needs to be taken with images and graphics.

Sometimes the data is simply not needed – if information already exists, a smarter way to refer to it is by directing customers straight to it.

Think about the following:

Are you copying information stored or owned by an external agency, body or company?

If so, you may need to gain direct permission to do so. Guide customers to external resources rather than reproducing information already available somewhere else.

Is the information advertising a company or private sector service?

The council should not promote or imply promotion of specific businesses or companies.

Are the images, graphics or photographs you’re using copyright-free, public domain, or owned or created by your organisation?

Make sure you are using images that don’t have a copyright on them – don’t save images from search engines for use in council page