Monitoring and evaluation

Please note: These standards are currently in draft, and are likely to change over time and through use.

Automated monitoring

We use several automated monitoring tools to check for:

  • broken links
  • spelling mistakes
  • inaccessible documents

User testing

User testing will be carried out in the following ways:

  • accessibility testing by people with disabilities (currently through the Shaw Trust)
  • plain English testing by the Plain English Campaign
  • usability testing by local residents

User feedback

User feedback on the website will be gathered through:

  • a feedback form requesting feedback on every page
  • a visitor survey conducted independently on behalf of the council by ROL (the survey is offered to every tenth visitor as they land on the website. The results of this survey are reviewed on a monthly basis and improvements made where appropriate)

Site statistics

Site statistics are gathered through the use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics measures statistics on a page by page basis and allows reports to be generated for any given page or section of the website. Site statistics are reported externally on the website on a monthly basis and used internally to allow service areas to review the effectiveness of their web content.