Frequently asked questions

We don’t use FAQs on our website.

FAQs are harder to understand

On the internet, users scan for content, searching from left to right for key information.

Front-loading content is a very important web standard – it helps users find information quickly.

It’s impossible to front-load FAQs.


It’s quicker to read and understand:

The difference between cats and dogs

It’s harder to read and understand:

What is the difference between cats and dogs?

FAQs can be confusing

It’s important to structure your user needs in a logical way.

If you write content by starting with user needs, you won’t need to use FAQs.

With FAQs there is a real danger of mixing up very different user needs all over the page.

Leave the hard work to us

Service teams – do not worry!

If you provide your content to us as FAQs, we will work through it to reformat it into content that helps users quickly find and easily understand what they need.

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