Image guidelines

Please note: These standards are likely to change over time and through use.

Images should be kept to a minimum – as multiple images are likely to decrease download speeds.

General guidelines

  • graphic images must be saved as .gif images
  • all photographic images must be saved in .jpg format
  • do not use clipart
  • all images must have alt text – this must be a meaningful description of the image for somebody using a screenreader
  • the naming convention for image files is lower case with hyphens between the words (for example – bracknell-forest-council-logo.jpg)
  • do not use images that include text
  • photos must not be used as links
  • make sure that Bracknell Forest Council owns the copyright and has data protection permission for all images (advice on copyright is available from communications and marketing)
  • if you commission or take your own photographs for the site, make sure that you complete the appropriate data protection form (available from communications and marketing)

Sizes and dimensions

Please use the following dimensions for images:

  • Carousel image: 585 x 403 pixels
  • Category showcase: 425 x 283 pixels
  • Content image: 370 x 246 pixels
  • Grid display: 370 x 246 pixels
  • Header image: 1920 x 656 pixels
  • Home page image: 572 x 380 pixels
  • News article image: 750 x 500 pixels
  • Promotional area image: 768 x 512 pixels
  • Search banner image – 128 x 128 pixels

Make sure you optimize your image by saving for web. The maximum file size should be 450kb. Please do not upload low quality or grainy images.

The ratio for all images should be 3 x 2.

Please note: The site will create a resized version of  uploaded images. Please check that your images are the correct ratio to avoid them being cropped. They should be the above sizes or larger to ensure that they are not stretched.

Accessible colours for featured boxes

The following colours for featured boxes are considered accessible:

  • slate blue
  • bright red
  • plum
  • magenta
  • dark purple
  • grey light
  • purple
  • leisure blue
  • grey extra light

Please do not use any other colour options.

If your content includes a link, then please only use ‘grey extra light’.