Another reason to ditch pdfs

So, we may be a little obsessed about reducing the number of pdfs on our website.  Lizzi has already explained the main reasons why pdfs are not the best way to present content. I found another! In the process of converting policy pdfs into webpages, I actually treated the content with the proper respect.  I … Continue reading Another reason to ditch pdfs


Farewell Bracknell… Hello Southwark

A final post from me as Digital Development Officer at Bracknell Forest Council. 8 years have certainly flown by and I guess I am grayer and (hopefully) wiser for it. Below are some of the highlights and landmarks over my time at Bracknell. It's a bit like those annual highlight shows aired around Christmas time … Continue reading Farewell Bracknell… Hello Southwark

My way or the highway; creating new content for roads

My first experience of creating structure and content for the new website was for the roads section. We had two workshops about this section. One was with Highway Network Management (which has several teams within it) and the other was with Highway Asset Management. For customers, these teams do one overall thing: look after roads. … Continue reading My way or the highway; creating new content for roads

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! The purpose of this day is to get people all around the world talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility and users with different disabilities. Digital accessibility involves ensuring that people are not excluded from using and interacting with the web, regardless of ability and technology. We have worked … Continue reading Global Accessibility Awareness Day

How to make an enormous website seem simple

Coming from a private sector marketing background, I’ve been involved in the launch of two new websites, one for a shopping centre and one for a niche B2B company in the airline industry. I thought these were decent sized projects, until recently… Redeveloping the council website is a bit like having to do 10 shopping … Continue reading How to make an enormous website seem simple