2019 in review

With 2020 rapidly approaching, it’s a time for reflecting on what we’ve done over the past year. Looking back, it’s been a busy year. It’s also been one full of changes for the team with members leaving and new ones joining.

We’ve put together a list of all the memorable moments and work from the year, so why not take a look at what we’ve achieved this year! This list in no particular order!

What we did

Our Sitemorse survey results are continuously improving, and our website was ranked 2nd in the last quarterly review.

We took part in NN/g user research on our intranet.

Working with NN/g to carry out user research.

We reduced the number of PDFs with accessibility issues on our website from 937 to 440.

We took part in the Big Spring Clean by spending a couple of hours cleaning rubbish from local woodland.

Colin and Pauline holding up a broken record at a litter pick.
Nothing beats a broken record.

We implemented CORE into online forms for the waste and recycling team. This work allows the team and the waste contractor to operate in real time. This means they can react to any issues arising during the day to day collection of waste immediately.

We worked with libraries to promote the 2019 Literary Festival and improve their event advertising.

Moving from a small, unformatted calendar to a regular events listing.

We helped the recruitment team provide a better experience on the jobs section of our website, linking in with changes to the Bracknell Forest recruitment process.

Updates to teaching jobs webpage improve the customer experience.

We helped publish information for 3 sets of elections.

We developed a section of the website on filming in the borough to boost enquiries and help increase council income.

We attended Microsoft accessibility events in our effort to understand more about improving access to our services for all users.

Tea break at Microsoft

We retained our crystal clear mark from the Plain English Campaign.

We continued developing our easy read offering.

We re-developed our ceremonies section to encourage take-up of the council’s offering.

Screenshot of a wedding ceremony testimonial.

We re-developed The Look Out Discovery Centre section to showcase the amazing offer at the centre.

We attended several Content Design London meet-ups including the 2-day training course.

Looking forward to 2020

What end of year review would be complete without a look towards some of the things we are planning on doing next year! A quick check with the team produced this (already long) list of items we have planned:

  • re-development of the public website into Drupal 8
  • being part of the improving code-sharing Local Digital Fund project
  • investigating the use of automation
  • leading the push for accessibility across the council
  • working with the Rangers team to improve their process
  • working with the Emergency Duty Service to build new processes
  • adding mapping to road and lighting complaints and investigate improving current mapping

We’ll be keeping this blog updated, as well as our Twitter over the coming year so do check back to find out what we get up to in 2020!

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