Another reason to ditch pdfs

So, we may be a little obsessed about reducing the number of pdfs on our website.  Lizzi has already explained the main reasons why pdfs are not the best way to present content.

I found another!

In the process of converting policy pdfs into webpages, I actually treated the content with the proper respect.  I read the content and I went back to the team, several times, to question things.  This going back and forth with the team, made the content better.  Which is what we normally do with website content.

If it’s stuck in a pdf, it doesn’t have a whole lot of opportunity to be improved.

We went from a really long page (here’s just part of it) to a new landing page with individual pages for each policy.

A big thank you to the community learning team for being open to working in a new way. It took a little longer than just adding pdfs, but we both agree it was worth it!