Easy read

A year ago, we launched our easy read landing page with 5 pages ranging from ‘bins and recycling’ to ‘marriages and civil partnerships’.

At that time, a new easy read button was in development.  This is now live and linked at the top of relevant pages.

Relevant pages now have an easy read button at the top, next to the listen button.

The landing page has grown, and we now have 17 pages. Recently, we asked for feedback from council staff and from customers with learning disabilities. One comment was that the font could be bigger. We’re not sure whether we should go down the route of developing a specific font for easy read or not. This could be useful for some people. On the other hand, making font bigger is something that customers will already do – if they want to. If we change the font itself, it may be a little disjointed as they move from easy read to other content elsewhere.

We’ve also created a search banner within our website, to make it even easier to find:

An additional banner to highlight the easy read landing page in search.

Feel free to check out the easy read pages so far, and let us know if you have any comments.

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