Content navigation

As we get more involved in content creation, we are looking closely at how  customers will navigate our site, and how we want to structure section content.

After each workshop with a service team, we are going away and mapping out what we think is the best structure for the information required. Each section is being built into a Treejack survey for customers and service areas to test, feedback and suggest any alternative options.

This one is for The Look Out Discovery Centre, where we are hoping to produce an engaging section that shows off what The Look Out can offer to visitors. For such a popular visitor attraction, we need to make sure that we clearly point to the key information such as opening times, prices and facilities. Why not give it a go and let us know what you think?

The Look Out survey

So why are we investing our time in creating these surveys? Well, for one thing, deciding what to call a page is much harder than it might appear. What we think is a logical sounding heading, might actually be causing confusion for our customers.

For example, on our council tax survey we initially had a category called ‘Information for landlords’. Whilst we had all discussed this in the workshop as a good idea, when it came to the navigation of the tree structure, customers (and staff!) were unable to work out where information about changes to a tenancy would be. Would it be under ‘information for landlords,’ or would it be under ‘Tell us about a change of circumstances’? The feedback was that most people looked under change of circumstances, so we moved the content around to reflect this.

With this feedback, we are able to create council tax section that is logical and clear for customers. This is a fundamental part of the work we are doing with customer journey mapping.

We have five of these surveys up and running so far, with more coming soon. If you want to find out more about them, or take part and complete a couple, then take a look at our Website navigation testing page.

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