Re-developing council tax

It’s been about 6 weeks since our first workshop. We’ve been running a whole bunch of other workshops in that time, and there is a lot of work coming out of each one but we are now getting things together to hand over to our designer to start some basic wireframes. With this progress in mind, I thought it would be interesting to talk through what is happening after a workshop from a content perspective, by looking at the progress with the council tax section.

With service teams we are talking through where customers might have come from, what kind of content they would expect to see and how they would work through the task. In this, we are mapping out one of the main user journeys. For council tax this was ‘set up a direct debit for council tax’.

Direct debit user journey

After mapping out this journey in the workshop, we are then looking at what else the team have said, as well as at usage statistics and all the other information we have gathered, to work out what pages we are going to need for the section. For each section we are producing a discovery report to scope out what we will or won’t do, and what needs there are to meet.

After pulling all this together, I have been scribbling down what kind of pages I think we will need in the section, and how they might link together. Excuse the badly drawn boxes! This was an exercise in thinking about the content as a whole, rather than a drawing challenge!

Draft of council tax pages

This is helpful because it gives us a better view of the content we are going to need and the format it might take. This is then being put into an online program called ‘Gather Content‘ which is used to write and review content. I took the above structure and added each page to our gather content site, along with the first draft of the re-written content.


All of this content will now be reviewed by several members of the team to check that it meets our standards, as well as to help us develop our new content standards for the new site.

With content well underway for this section, I’ve handed all of this off to our designer Leyla, who is working hard to put together the wireframes (she’ll be blogging soon to explain that process!). Once we have our wireframes, we will give them to our technical guys to make an alpha in Drupal.

Our second Treejack survey for the council tax section is now live. Thanks to everyone who left their feedback on the first one! It was really helpful! You will find this second survey very similar to the first, but the tree structure has been tweaked a little bit to improve (hopefully) the section’s overall structure.

Don’t forget that you can also sign up to be notified for any future user testing.

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