Persona development

Thinking about who your customers are is a vital part of any website. To help us keep our customers in mind as we plan out user journeys and content, we are developing a series of personas. These personas are used to capture trends in our customer base, as well as edge cases.

Sorted persona cards

The ones we have mapped out above are based on statistics from our monthly Socitm survey results. However, we need to remember that they are not real people, and that they are not necessarily representative of our customers as a whole. Instead, they characterise a variety of people who live in the borough, from the student who has years of web experience, to the older person who is nervous of new technology.

We will use these personas throughout the re-development to ensure that everything we design is for the customer and not for our own needs. If it doesn’t meet our persona’s needs, chances are, it won’t meet our customer’s needs.

Pile of persona cards for sorting

We will also be asking our service teams to create their own customer personas, allowing us to see more specific examples of customers within different areas of the council, from school admissions to street works. As we move through the re-development, it will be interesting to see the similarities and differences between them.

We will report back on any progress surrounding these personas further into the project and don’t forget, if you want to be involved with any user testing, see our get involved page and contact us!

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