Local Digital UK Gov London Roadshow

Toys at the Olympic Park

Last week I attended the London Roadshow for Local Digital UK Gov (part of the MHCLG). These are my notes and thoughts on the day.


Accessible Future in the Public Sector

Last week I attended a Microsoft event about accessibility. It was aimed at public sector organisations who were using (or were going to implement) Office 365. View from above: Microsoft at 2 Kingdom Street Inclusion (and exclusion) The theme of the day was inclusion, both broadly speaking as well with a focus on digital inclusion. … Continue reading Accessible Future in the Public Sector

Reflections on the Firmstep London and South East user group

I attended Firmstep South East and London User Group last week. It was a bit of a trek to get to Gravesham Borough Council from West London but it was a worthwhile and productive day.  David Herrington, Web Manager at Gravesham Borough Council begun the introductory session with slides on their Firmstep journey.  Their digital team … Continue reading Reflections on the Firmstep London and South East user group

Easy read content now available

What is easy read? Easy read is simplified information for adults with learning disabilities. This includes a huge range of different needs and abilities. GOV.UK encourages local authorities to provide easy read information, particularly for key stages and decisions in someone’s life. The information should be distilled to just the key elements. We have 12 … Continue reading Easy read content now available